Crescent Beach Villa, Bequia
18th April 2016 - 0 comments

A selection of images can now be seen for this wonderful, secluded villa overlooking Crescent Beach (Industry Bay) on the charming Caribbean island of Bequia, part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

A 3 bedroom villa, with its own private infinity pool, with stunning views across the landscape of this beautiful island. From the elevated viewpoint, you can see right across the reff system that spans Spring, Industry and Park bays.

A real hidden gem.

For more details on the villa, please visit : Crescent Beach Villa

To view our full gallery of this amzing villa, please click here.

Bequia Easter Regatta 2015
11th April 2015 - 1 comment
A selection of images from the 2015 Bequia Easter Regatta
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Bequia - The Perfect Caribbean Island
03rd August 2013 - 2 comments
Bequia, or Bequia Island as its sometimes called, is, in my humble opinion the perfect Caribbean island.

I am starting a new project over the summer, to promote this beautiful island using the images, video's and time lapse sequences I have taken over the past year or so, to show the world at large, that its one of those Must See destinations, that it has to be added to your Bucket List and enjoyed, along with everyone who already knows its secret.

I will be using many outlets for my work as I move forward with this goal in mind, and the first is using YouTube. I have started with some of the time lapse sequences, using music by Amanda Gooding.

Amanda Gooding comes from and lives on Bequia and shares my passion for this perfect Caribbean island. Like me she'd like nothing more that for you to come and visit, stay a while, relax, sip a rum punch and listen to her playing in the local bars and soak yourself up in its glorious atmosphere.

There will be many video's going up over the coming months, so please keep coming back to check out the latest and I hope to see you on Bequia at some point. If you're into photography yourself, or would like to learn, then check out my Tuition services here, which are both great fun as well as being very rewarding.

See you soon!
Sussex Landscapes: The Seven Sisters
28th July 2013 - 0 comments
Sussex Landscapes
The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters seen from Seaford Head along the East Sussex coastline

I am currently traveling around the South Coast, currently around East Sussex, and I couldn't come to this part of the world without popping down to see the classic view of the Seven Sisters.

It was glorious day and after spending the day with friends in Brighton, walking the promenade, walking the dog (Gus, who we renamed Tas, for the Tasmanian Devil) and walking miles, I was ready to get my camera out!

I parked at Seaford Head and walked down and around the coastline to view the cliffs from varying angles and with the wild flowers out, as well as the sun, it was a glorious day.

The seven sisters are named :

  • Haven Brow
    Short Brow
    Rough Brow
    Brass Point
    Flat Hill
    Bailey's Hill and
    Went Hill

Beyond the last hilltop, after Birling Gap in the dip, is the Belle Toute Lighthouse and then Beachy Head.

The Seven Sisters seen from Seaford Head along the East Sussex coastline

The Seven Sisters seen from Seaford Head along the East Sussex coastline
Returned to the UK ... Heavenly Dorset
09th July 2013 - 0 comments
Returned to the UK ... Heavenly Dorset

The sun set across the Marshwood Vale, with Lewesdon Hill and Lamberts Castle providing the contours on the horizon

I have now retuned to the UK for the next few months, returning from the small island of Bequia, in St Vincent and the Grenadines, in the Eastern Caribbean. A stunningly beautiful island and one I hope you will all visit at some point and join me for a 1:1 day there too. For the next few years, I will not be spending 6 months of the year in the UK and the 'other' 6 months in the Caribbean.

My return to the UK seems to have coincided with the arrival of summer, at last it seems.

My return brought me back initially to Dorset once again, but only fleetingly, so I headed to the top of Eggardon Hill to watch the summer sunset out across the Marshwood Vale, light up the fields as the sun set and then colour the sky with its golden orange glow.

Its a great viewpoint with the Marshwood Vale stretched out in front of you and Lewesdon Hill and Lamberts Castle rolling on the horizon. As the sun set and sank below the hills, the low clouds gleamed in the light and the sky took on the orange glow as the sun moved on round.

I will be based along the South Coast of the UK for the coming months and will be offering a range of courses and 1:1 tuition days for anyone interested in learning more, doing more and seeing more!. Details of these days can be found on the top menu.

The sun set across the Marshwood Vale, with the sun providing some glare across the fields
The blow hole, Ravine Beach, Bequia
21st June 2013 - 0 comments
The blow hole, Ravine Beach, Bequia

Water is forced through the blow hole at Ravine Beach, Bequia, as the waves crash in behind

One of the places I have revisited a few times here on Bequia is the blow hole, near Ravine beach. It is often blowing 'softly' with a small amount of spray coming up out of the hole, but today was much more impressive.

As I scrambled down the rocky hillside towards the blow hole, I could see the spray jetting 30-40ft up into the air accompanied by an almighty 'rooooaaaaaaarr' as the water was forced through the outlet, no more than 18 inches square, and upwards into the oncoming breeze.

The sea was surging well today and this certainly helped the force behind the water as it crashed over the rocks on this part of the rocky shoreline. Waves were crashing in, over and up and then the blow hole was spurting water high into the air at the same time time. A great spectacle of the force of nature.

I have tried to show the progress of the water coming out of the blow hole, by showing a sequence of 5 shots as it fires upwards and then gets caught by the wind and is dispersed up and over the hillside.

Water is forced through the blow hole at Ravine Beach, Bequia, as the waves crash across the rocky shoreline

Water is spurted 30-40ft in the air through the blow hole at Ravine Beach, Bequia
Anse La Coite bay; Bequia
18th June 2013 - 0 comments
Anse La Coite bay; Bequia

A long exposure shot of Anse La Coite bay, Bequia, with its rocky beach and cedar trees bent over in the high winds

One of the bays on Bequia that wasn't so easy to get to ... until that is, the Government have started to sell off the land surrounding the rocky bay and have put in a rough dirt road for the lorries and trucks to use, so that they can start building roads on the development,.

Its a rough and rocky bay, exposed to the winds being on the windward side of the island and the day I was there, it was blowing in excess of 30 knots. The bay has a rocky ledge or reef further out, so that the waves are breaking well out into the bay and rolling in spectacularly. The turquoise waters, rolling waves and rocky ledges make this one of the more interesting bays to visit and spend some time clambering over.

With the wind howling, the waves breaking and the spray getting everywhere, it was a day to be cleaning the lenses and filters after each shot, but I did managed to get a long exposure off looking out towards the southern edge of the bay. Using the Lee Big Stopper, this provided an exposure of 20 seconds to turn the rolling waves to mist across the rocks.

Due to the high winds on this side of the island, its interesting to see the Cedar trees, native here to Bequia, bent over and growing almost sideways across the hillside.
Farewell to good friends : the Fig Tree, Bequia
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Saying farewell to some good friends over dinner

A golden sunset across Admiralty Bay, Bequia, lighting up the boats, the clouds and the sea

Only temporarily though, as they head back to Canada for a few weeks during the quiet off season here on Bequia. To see them off we headed down to the regular Friday evening haunt of Cheryl's Fig Tree restaurant, where they have their Fish Fry Day.

As we sat and chatted over a few drinks and some wonderful grilled Mahi Mahi, we were entertained by a glorious sunset unfolding in front of our eyes.

It was short lived and only took over the part of the sky near the horizon, as the sun set behind the Old Fort in Hamilton, with the light reflecting off the clouds out across the waters of Admiralty Bay. It certainly added some lovely colours across the seascape for a while.
Caribbean Storms pass by St Vincent
15th June 2013 - 0 comments
Caribbean Storms pass by St Vincent

Storms pass through the Bequia channel, seen from Spring out towards St Vincent

One of the great things about being a Professional Photographer spending time out here in the Caribbean, is that you get to see things that you would not get to see too often back in the UK.

Here, storms can be short, sharp, heavy downpours as they pass by, helping us here by not only watering the plants etc. but as we depend on rainwater for our supplies, by filling up the water tanks.

These storms are sometimes large storm systems, especially now as we enter the hurricane season, or more normally during the year, they are small independent storms that come and go quite quickly. It was one of these smaller storms that I watched pass by the other day.

Sitting on top of Spring, in brilliant sunshine, looking out across the Bequia Channel towards St Vincent, clouds started rolling in across the hills and mountains of St Vincent. After a while a storm came rolling across the channel, missing both islands, but giving a great display of weather. A couple of yachtsmen got quite a dowsing as they sailed over to St Vincent .... all part of the fun of sailing.
Sunset across the island, from Ravenala House, Bequia
22nd May 2013 - 0 comments
Sunset across the island;
from Ravenala House, Bequia

A glorious sunset seen from the deck of Ravenala House, high up on the hillside above Lower Bay, Bequia

I was recently invited to dinner with some friends who have been renovating a house here on the island, which used to belong to another friend of mine here, so I was interested to see what they had done. The result was stunning.

Ravenala House sits up high on the hillside at the end of Lower Bay, with breathtaking views out across the entire bay encompassing Lower Bay, Princess Margaret and Port Elizabeth, with views beyond out towards Spring and the hillsides of Mount Pleasant and into Friendship. The position also provides a great view out across the Bequia Channel to St Vincent.

So, with such a great view to keep up all entertained, it was a real bonus to get a beautiful, subtle sunset across the bay, with light dusky pinks and blues as the sun set behind the hillside to our left, lighting up the island to our right. A wonderful sunset and a gr4eat start to what was a great fun evening. A big thank you to Tim and Anne for such an enjoyable evening.

A glorious sunset seen from the deck of Ravenala House, out across the infinity edge pool, towards St Vincent.
Sailing off into the sunset: Life on Bequia
07th May 2013 - 0 comments
Sailing off into the sunset
Life on Bequia

The sun sets behind a couple of boats moored off Princess Margaret beach on the Caribbean island of Bequia

A 'soft' sunset tonight, as the sun went down behind some low lying clouds, giving a soft golden glow to the end of the day. A couple of yachts caught my eye, sitting in the bay as I watched from the shore, on Princess Margaret beach.
Sunset after sunset: Bequia Photography
03rd May 2013 - 0 comments
Sunset after sunset
Bequia Photography

An iridescent sunset across the Gingerbread Hotel jetty, in Admiralty Bay, as the reflected colours lit up the whole place

This week has been a series of colourful sunsets, so much so, that on one evening this week I left my camera in the bag (unheard of) as I was chatting with friends and sat and watched, with the obligatory rum punch in my hand, catching it on my Iphone! Sacrilege.

The clouds this week have provided a mix of the usual lower level along with some higher level cirrus style, which catches the light well after sunset itself. So this week we have been awarded a spectacle of glorious pinks, blues, oranges and golden glows across the skies. The real challenge for us as photographers, is to try and re-create that in the processing, to provide you with a scene, as close as possible, to the glorious and iridescent colours we see at the time. With the range of colours and the shades of each, its a challenge.

On top of that, it also depends of course on what you are looking at them on. The screen I use for processing these images is a calibrated screen, calibrated on a weekly basis to ensure as true-as-possinle colour rendition. But, if your looking it these images on an old screen, set to VGA or a lower resolution, or on a laptop, Iphone or Ipad, they will all look slightly different. Such is our challenge.

This evenings sunset was such a colour challenge, as the sun had set and was lighting up the clouds high above, but the colours were then reflecting down onto the lower level clouds, and the water, which was also glowing with the dusky pink glow of the clouds above. For a few moment only, it seemed that the whole world have taken on the colours of the sunset. Truly amazing.

A second shot from a little earlier as the colours on the clouds began to build and glow.

An iridescent sunset across the Gingerbread Hotel jetty, in Admiralty Bay, as the reflected colours lit up the whole place
The spring rains have arrived: The Flamboyant, Bequia
03rd May 2013 - 1 comment
The spring rains have arrived
The Flamboyant, Bequia

The Flamboyant Tree looks out across Admiralty Bay, Bequia, out towards West Cay

After a long dry spell, lasting the last 6 months or more, the rains have slowly started, signalling a change in the seasons and a return from the grey hillsides, dried out, to a more Spring-like time, with shoots and flowers suddenly popping up across the island.

One of the most colourful changes is the Flamboyant Tree, which stands in the dry season with its seed pods hanging don from bare branches, looking not very interesting at all. With the start of the rains, green fern-like leaves start to cover the branches and the quite suddenly, the flame red flowers start to appear, changing the whole look and feel of the tree, and its surroundings. Simply stunning.

Many are still waiting for the rains, but a couple have come out early and this one is in a friends garden overlooking Admiralty Bay, with one of the best views on the island, out across the harbour towards West Cay.

The Flamboyant Tree brightens any surroundings, with its flame red leaves, red/white flowers and bright green foilage
Study of a lone tree : Spring Top, Bequia
03rd May 2013 - 1 comment
Study of a lone tree
Spring Top, Bequia

Sunset across the lone tree of Spring Top, looking out across the Bequia Channel, Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

I have been spending quite a bit of time up in Spring this week, working on some different projects, which has meant I have been able to watch the sunset from one of my favourite spots on this island, Spring Top, or Spring View as its now been officially names, although I prefer the old version of the name.

One of the reasons for its popularity its is stunning near 360degree views across the island, but in particular spectacular views across the Bequia Channel towards St Vincent, making it a great location to watch the clouds roll in, along with the boats and yachts coming and going from the island.

For us photographers, it also has one of the few single trees on the island, located in a position for multiple views, so this week I decided to study the tree and use it in a few different sunset shots.

At this time of year the sun is setting way out to sea and will go further as we head towards mid summer so there's still plenty of opportunities to get some different shots. The only issue with this location is the visitors who come up and sit on the wall, the seats or just in the frame. Every now and again you get a romantic couple cuddling up which adds to the scene, but mostly is families or groups who come up and 'spoil' the view.

Anyway, I hope enjoy the study of a Lone Tree.

A couple of shots showing the varying cloud formations which are always rolling across the channel, which at varying stages of sunset, catch the light in countless ways.

Sunset across the lone tree of Spring Top, looking out across the Bequia Channel, Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Sunset across the lone tree of Spring Top, looking out across the Bequia Channel, Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines
Bequia Sunset: Over the Plantation Jetty
26th April 2013 - 0 comments
Bequia Sunset
Over the Plantation Jetty

Dusky pink sunset across the Plantation House jetty in Admiralty Bay, Bequia

The Plantation House Hotel, also known as the 'Sunny Caribe', has been empty for many years now and this week went up for sale by order of the mortgagee .... read Government. Despite its rocky recent history, it remains one of the best spots on the island and have many fond memories from it when it was open.

The jetty, some of which has now disappeared, provides a great foreground and lead-in line for any shot in the part of the bay.

A colourful sky with the dusky pinks of sunset also helps as the light catches the clouds high above, with the suns golden glow still hitting the horizon.

A great prelude to dinner with friends at the Fig Tree restaurant just up the bay from here.

The final image was taken a few minutes before the sun actually set using the Lee Big Stopper, ND110, with an exposure of 30 seconds to flatten out the waves and water, although causing some movement in the yachts. The couple sitting on the jetty however didnt move!

Dusky pink sunset across the Plantation House jetty in Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Long exposure sunset across the Plantation House jetty in Admiralty Bay, Bequia
Latest Projects: The Deck House, Bequia
22nd April 2013 - 0 comments
Latest Projects
The Deck House, Bequia

The Deck House is Bequia's latest waterfront bar, restaurant and B&B to open but its the only one with true waterfront dining, with a deck that extends out over the water, providing a unique experience here on the island.

Match that with great views out across the harbour, a well stocked bar and kitchen and some sumptuous rooms and its a recipe for success.

Adrian and Suzie who have set up the Deck House wanted a range of photographs to portray the different aspects of the business, along with some from a private party showing groups of people having a great time.

A small selection is shown below, but please check out their new website for full details.

On top of the World : Mount Peggy, Bequia
18th April 2013 - 0 comments
Walking up to Mount Peggy : On top of Bequia

The spectacular view from the top of Mount Peggy, out across Admiralty Bay, Bequia

I have been wanting to get up to Mount Peggy for a while, but with stories of difficult paths to follow, deadly plants and not walking up on your own, its taken a bit of time to get there.

The walk up from the Whaling Museum was easy enough, mostly steady walking/scrambling and near the top its more scrambling over rocks than anything else. There are a number of areas where the trail goes through thickets or Yucca plants, all of which have to be carefully negotiated due to their sharp edges, but for the most part, it was a relatively easy walk, taking 30-40 minutes to reach the top.

The walk is definitely worth it. The view from the top is simply stunning offering a 360 degree viewpoint covering the entire island.

The top is a rocky outcrop called Mount Peggy, after Peggy Kydd who had incredible eyesight and used to sit up on the rocks, looking out to sea, to point out where the shoals of fish were. Not sure how she used to communicate as this is well before the days of mobile phones, but its obviously stuck in local history. Like everything on Bequia, it has many names and is also known as Mount Peggy, or Ma Peggy.

The view across Admiralty Bay takes in most of the Northern part of the island, with the beaches of Lower Bay, Princess Margaret and then the harbour of Port Elizabeth; followed by the hillsides of Union Level, Cinnamon Gardens and out into Spring into the distance. On the right hand side are the hills of Mount Pleasant while over the left you can see the small hill containing Hamilton Fort. A spectacular view.

I made the trip as I wanted to shoot a timelapse sequence from the top, which became a challenge. Only taking a small lightweight tripod, the wind was blowing strongly and the rain came in while I was up there, so another visit will soon be needed, with the full equipment! Im not complaining though, with that view to watch out over for a couple of hours.
One on One around Bequia
15th April 2013 - 0 comments
Tuition : One on One around Bequia

Last week I spent a great day with Robin and Mike who were visiting the island from the US and who wanted to explore more of the island. Having visited once before a few years ago by yacht as they sailed the Grenadines, this time they were spending a few days on Mustique, followed by a few days on Bequia.

As Robin was also a keen photographer, she also wanted to learn more about some of the techniques I use when shooting around the island and to visit some of the locations they had seen across the gallery images.

The day started with a coffee and chat at the Gingerbread hotel where I went through the 'Basics of Landscape Photography' with then looking at subjects such as Exposure, Histograms, Composition, Depth of Field, Hyperfocal Focusing and Equipment. Once we were happy with the basic understanding and how it could be applied to her own equipment, we set off.

It was a good fun day, visiting many of the locations I regularly shoot from giving them a new perception of the island. We visited some of the more 'off the beaten track' locations as well and those which are on the regular tourist trail, but we tried to look at them from a different angle, creating our own perspective.

One of the issues we discussed at length was that of artistic interpretation., As photographers, I consider us as artists. We may not paint with brushes and oils, but the 'tool' we use these days is just a way of collecting zero's and one's on a digital sensor. How we choose to show that data as an image can have millions of differing interpretations, each one very personal to the photographer.

To ensure the maximum amount of data from each of our 'captures', I taught them the 'expose to the right' approach of shooting in RAW and using histograms.... explaining that the image shown on the reverse of the camera may not look great, but if the histogram says its good, then a better image will result from post processing.

Over lunch we discussed more details of equipment and the 18-200VR lens that Robin was using was already showing its limitations for landscapes. Although great as a general lens, giving the flexibility of zooming in and out depending on subject matter, its 18mm wide angle was showing itself limited against the 10mm Sigma lens I usually use for landscapes and seascapes.

The afternoon was again spent visiting some of the great viewpoints of the island and as we get closer to sunset, the clouds had rolled in and the sky was looking very grey indeed. We headed for one of the bars along the Belmont Walkway, the Whaleboner, ordered some beers and sat and discussed the day, what they had learnt, how much more of the island they had seen and how they now had a completely different set of memories to take away with them.

As we sat and chatted, the cloudy sky above started to break up and along the horizon a very small gap appeared, providing a hole for the sun to peek through for the last 5 minutes. A final burst of activity as the sun came into view against the yachts moored in the harbour provided a golden end to the day.... or so we thought!

10-15 minutes after sunset, as the dusky pinks rolled across the sky, the clouds started to glow and provided a truly amazing and very colourful end to the day. A much more fitting end than the grey clouds of an hour earlier.

It was a great, fun filled day, spent with a wonderful couple. From their comments it seems that they loved the day too and have fallen in love again with the island and have been inspired to continue practising with their photography, learning new techniques and already have a wish list of new equipment.

I love these days, when you spend time with people who are truly interested in both Bequia and learning and expanding their photographic skills. Its one of the most enjoyable sides to my job as a Professional Photographer.

If you'd like to spend the day learning new skills and techniques and have a great look round this magical island, please get in touch and let me know when you'll be here. I look forward to it.
Praying for rain : Industry, Spring and Park panorama
08th April 2013 - 0 comments
Praying for rain
Industry, Spring and Park panorama

Spring, Industry and Park Bays on the island of Bequia

This time of year is the autumn here in the Caribbean and the trees have all changed in the last weeks, turning from leafy green to bare branches, many of which look grey out across the landscape.

Its also the time of year when water gets scarce and everyone starts praying for rain. Water here is a valuable product with each home having its own water tanks, collecting rainwater from roofs and gutters. Large, oversized roofs, with overhangs offering shady deck spaces are the norm here, making water collection much more efficient.

These last few weeks have seen the water delivery trucks out on the roads filling the tanks as we've not had rain for quite a while.

So, as I headed up to the top of Spring today I was grateful to see the rain storms rolling in across the seas, turning the views to a wall of grey, masking out the islands on the horizon.

Once they had passed I went up to the top of Spring Bay, walked out along one of the trails to what has become one of my favourite views on the island; Spring, Industry and Park Bays, with the waves rolling in across the reefs in the shallow turquoise waters, with the palm trees lining the bays. Wonderful.
Searching for Sailing images ....
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Searching this site for Sailing Images

If you are here looking for an image of your yacht during the Bequia Easter Regatta, please choose one of the following ways to find it ...

- Scroll through the galleries of each days races

- Use the search box and enter the name of your yacht

- Use the search box and use the class your boat was in. The classes for the Bequia Easter Regatta 2013 were: Racing; J24; Cruising I; Cruising II; Surprise.

The local boats, the fishing boats from Bequia, also known as the Double Enders, have their own galleries, so its best to scroll though those, or search by the boat name.

If you have any trouble finding your boat images, please contact me.

All of the images from this years Regatta can be viewed here.